Are you borrowing the Astute way?

We lend to experienced UK Property developers with excellent development opportunities and solid track records. Through our hands-on approach, both our borrowers and their projects can benefit from our expertise.

How our loans are secured

We ensure, where applicable, a charge over a borrower SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) and a legal charge over property assets are in place the same way a mortgage lender secures their loan to a homebuyer.

We also take Personal Guarantees (“PG”) from the borrowers and all this can only be done once both the prospective borrowers and proposed security (“the property”) pass our lending criteria and credit application process.

On each loan we will physically visit the security assets and carry out meticulous due diligence which also assists with building relationships with our borrowers and reducing the risk of fraud.

We assess both micro and macro data and discuss this with our borrower when agreeing the exit strategy.

Once funded we continue to consult and manage our loans by carrying out minimum of quarterly visits. In many cases these are monthly visits depending on the circumstances.

Borrowing is easy


Please submit a full development appraisal and cashflow together with an executive summary of your project. We will then assess your submission and talk you through next steps to ensure a smooth credit process

Quick Decision Process

Once we have reviewed your submission and discussed your project with you in more detail we will then arrange and agree further due diligence that will be required once we have obtained credit committee approval.

Due Diligence & Legal

Once we have credit committee approval we will issue you with heads of terms. Upon signing we will commence detailed due diligence, which will include a site visit, and legals. This process will entail professional third parties assisting us which includes RICS red book valuation, RICS build cost analysis and panel solicitors providing a robust report on title

Legal Completion

Once the detailed due diligence is completed we work towards a speedy legal completion