Astute Capital’s New Rates & Investor Update

Astute Investor Update

After three promising years of trading, Astute Capital Plc is pleased to report that to date in 2020 two of our bonds have mature and all investor capital has been fully repaid including all interest due.

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Additionally, we have had a third fixed rate bond mature this September 2020 which will bring a total of £4m being paid back to Astute Capital investors in redemptions this year alone. Through the redemption of these bonds, Astute Capital has remained resilient, ensuring that investors have received the returns promised.

In addition, and despite the global challenges we are all facing this year, Astute Capital has recently listed new bonds with attractive rates to reflect the success seen to date and its growing confidence in excellent lending opportunities.

Growth within the UK Property Lending Market

The Government has recently taken steps to encourage activity within the UK property market and internally we are reporting that the elimination of stamp duty for properties under £500K has been a strong stimulant in the market.

Whilst COVID has delayed sales slightly due to the time it takes to get a mortgage valuation, we have not seen any significant issues in our borrowers selling the properties in order to redeem their loans with Astute Capital.

In fact, a recent report by Nation Wide Building Society has highlighted that house prices have risen at the fastest annual rate since 2016 Developers are responding whilst buyers continue to demonstrate a strong appetite abd we anticipate the demand for development will continue during this difficult time.

Strategically, Astute Capital is positioned to capitalise on lending opportunities typically made available by market instability and lack of liquidity from the main banks. As such, we are excited about the opportunities arising over the next 6 – 12 months.

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Astute Capital Investments are reserved for High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors only.

Risk Warnings:

Astute Capital Investments are reserved for High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors only.

As with all investments your capital is at risk and interest payments are not guaranteed. Your investment is not covered by the financial services compensation scheme (FSCS) and is not regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA).

The fact that the listed retail bond is asset-backed does not guarantee that all capital will be repaid. This also means that there is a liquidity risk and there is likely to be a delay in repaying your capital should you request it prior to bond maturity.