About Astute

Astute Capital is an established brand dealing in alternative finance, specialising in loans backed by assets in the UK property and SME market. The companies trading under the Astute Capital brand are Astute Capital Plc and Astute Capital Advisors Ltd.

Astute Capital PLC

Astute Capital Plc is an issuer of bonds on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and uses funds to acquire loans procured by Astute Capital Advisors Ltd via ACA’s network of independent finance brokers.

Astute Capital Plc is structured as a bankruptcy remote special purpose vehicle for the sole purpose of issuing asset backed listed securities.

Astute Capital Plc is not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Astute Capital Advisers LTD ("ACA")

ACA is a specialist SME & property finance firm. Astute Capital Advisors sources, underwrites, structures, and funds property lending transactions which subsequently can be acquired and matched to various investment products. ACA also acts as the collateral manager to Astute Capital Plc’s listed bond programme on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Before any funds are deployed ACA checks that borrowers provide security we consider adequate and pass a strict due diligence and underwriting process. Profits from lending fees and interest on loans are used to pay fixed returns and the security taken for each loan is ring fenced and held exclusively on behalf of investors.

Astute Capital Advisors is not regulated and does not carry any regulated activities.

We prefer being smarter, not bigger

Astute Capital raises money through its £500 million publicly listed bond program. Our investors’ money is backed against UK property assets and managed by a team of experts who care about every penny.

We also aim to direct the monies invested via Astute Capital in order to do good: not only by helping to grow nest eggs but also by supporting UK property companies to ensure that the housing demand in the UK is met. In doing so, we support the creation of new jobs and help to keep the economy growing. Our Board and Management Team have vast experience in all aspects of Real Estate and business transactions. This, backed by our established contact base, allows us to assess who we lend the funds to on the basis of principles we tried and trust.

How our funds are protected and secured

Astute Capital Advisors Ltd is a successful and rapidly expanding commercial lending company. We deal with companies who have undergone our own strict due diligence process and can provide security we consider to be adequate for the loan. All security is held by a security trustee. Astute Capital Plc has entered into an collateral management agreement with Astute Capital Advisors Ltd to utilise the expertise in the commercial lending sector to enable bondholders funds to be deployed to procure loans that will enable it to provide returns to its investors.